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Hello! Welcome back to my game development blog, where I haphazardly explain the many facets of my janky, in-development “game”, which I’m making in an engine that I don’t fully understand. The future is looking bright.

Ok, time for violence. Video game violence to be precise. So far, two weapons have been totally implemented into my game FrogMechs: the revolver and the shotgun. Though it isn't obvious now in its rough state, FrogMechs will have a cartoony tone and aesthetic, so don't expect its guns to behave like the real-life murder machines that inspired them. When designing the game’s weapons, I more so draw inspiration from popular flash games in the 2D shooter genre, such as Raze, My Friend Pedro, Zombotron and Plasma Burst.

Lock and Load

No gun in the game will have a reloading mechanic, to make the combat feel more fluid. Or maybe I'm too lazy to code it in. Either way, you shoot until the ammo counter in the bottom right hits 0. Simple. You can also carry as many weapons as you want, though there will be only 6 in the final game (give or take).

The Revolver

Fast fire rate // low damage per round // medium range // high ammo capacity

The revolver is best for taking out low priority enemies at medium or close range. It’s fast fire rate makes it good for picking off smaller evasive enemies.


(Frogs have yet to be coded into the final game. It’s still in its early stages)

All weapons in FrogMechs have an alternate fire, bound to the right mouse button, to give them extra utility. For the revolver, holding down the right mouse button allows the user to “fan the hammer”, whereupon the gun will fire automatically, at a faster rate, and spread will be applied to the projectiles. Good for taking down an evasive enemy quickly.


The Shotgun

Slow fire rate // high damage per round // medium range // low ammo capacity

The shotgun could probably kill a deity at close range. Really. It’s that powerful. It fires out a ‘fan’ of 6 projectiles that each deal moderate damage to any pathetic enemy caught in its path. The damage can add up pretty fast if you land all 6 projectiles on one dude. Great for slow, heavy enemies with large health pools.

(It seems that I can't embed anymore gifs into this post so a link to a youtube video will be used instead)

Shotgun in action

For the shotgun, holding down the right mouse button charges up a huge attack. If the player releases the button after charging to 100%, a devastating fireball is unleashed. It scorches any enemy it passes through and sets them aflame. Flaming enemies takes ‘afterburn’ damage (i.e. every few seconds, they take a small amount of damage until the flame goes out). If the fireball hits a wall or object, it releases a small fire explosion, that deals a small amount of damage to all characters in proximity, in case the fireball wasn't scary enough.

Shotgun fireball


That’s it for this post. I apologize if I misused any gun terminology. I’ve never used a firearm in my life, because I do not live in Burgerland. Cya.

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